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Skidel is a town located in the Grodno district of the Grodno region in Belarus on the Skidlyanka river, 30 km east off Grodno.

It is considered to be 1508 as the founding date of Skidel. In documents, Skidel has been found since the 16th century as a grand ducal court in the Grodno district of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. For a long time, the town was the possession of the princely family of the Radziwills. In 1795, the town became part of the Russian Empire. In 1921-1939 the town was part of Poland. Skidel acquired city status in 1974.

Like all small towns, Skidel can be proud of the peace and quiet, which are rarely disturbed and mainly by weddings. In addition, Skidel has its own sights, historical and not historical.

Among the Skidel sights, we note a Catholic church (19th century), opposite the temple was the Antonovich-Chetvertinsky estate, from which today only a park and a gate in the form of two round towers of different heights with hipped roofs and lancet openings have survived. It is displayed on the town's coat of arms.

The population of the town is over 10 thousand inhabitants. The Belarusian poet Mikhas Vasilek (Mikhail Kostevich) was born here, 10 km from Skidel is the village of Milkovshchina - the birthplace of the famous Polish writer Eliza Ozheshko. Skidel is the ethnic homeland of the English Lord Robert Skidelsky of Tilton, a renowned economist and former adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. One of his Belarusian ancestors, Lev Skidelski, lived in Skidel 2 centuries ago. During World War I, their family was scattered from Shanghai to London. Lord Robert decided to compile his ancestry and recently visited his ethnic homeland.

Town holiday - Town Day in Skidel is celebrated in early September. In 2018, the town celebrated its 510th anniversary on a grand scale.

There are about 15 industrial enterprises in the town. However, the Skidel Sugar Refinery brought real glory to Skidel. Built in 1951, the plant became the first Belarusian sugar production facility.

Today Skidel is a small but cozy town with a developed infrastructure and hospitable people.




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