The order on the construction of the First Belarusian Sugar Plant No. 1063 was given on February 10, 1946 by the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR A.I. Mikoyan.

In June 1946, the project was approved and the construction of the plant began.

In 1948, when construction entered its decisive stage, Mikhail Prokofievich Teterin was appointed the director of the plant. He shaped the work of the plant's working team and directed it until 1958.

On March 2, 1951, the plant was launched and began to process sugar beets, the first Belarusian sugar was produced.

On March 15, 1951, the State Commission, after a two-week inspection, accepted into operation the 1st Belarusian Sugar Refinery, later renamed the Skidel Sugar Refinery.

By 1954, the structure of the sugar factory was completely formed, the shortcomings and imperfections were eliminated, all technical lines and systems worked as a whole, the factory reached its design capacity.

Starting from the 60s, the equipment of the enterprise was almost completely updated, as a result, the productivity of the plant increased from 8,500 to 12,200 centners of beet processing per day.

In 1961, the plant completed the construction of a citric acid production workshop, with a capacity of 140 tons of this product per year. Processing of raw sugar also began that year.

From 1967 to 1993 the plant was headed by Vladimir Borisovich Kokhanovsky.

By the mid-70s, the plant had fully completed the mechanization of loading and unloading operations with beets. As a result, loaders and bead-laying machines began to provide uninterrupted unloading of up to 3000 vehicles per day.

Thanks to the modernization carried out at the plant several times, the plant's capacity increased in the late 70s to 1,700 tons of sugar beet processing per day.

According to the results of work for 1978, the Skidel Sugar Refinery named after P.Z. Kalinin was awarded the Challenge Red Banner of the Central Committee of the CPSU, the Council of Ministers of the USSR. It was a real success.

The year 1983 was a significant year for the Skidel Sugar Refinery. The plant produced the millionth ton of white sugar. And eighteen years later, in 2000, the Skidel Sugar Refinery produced the 2nd millionth ton of white sugar.

From 1993 to 2006, the plant was headed by Gennady Vasilyevich Karamushka.

In 1993, the plant was completely reconstructed. New production buildings were built, modern equipment was purchased and installed. The design capacity was increased to 3,000 tons of beet processing per day, which made it possible to increase the output of sweet products to 500 tons per day.

In 1997, the Skidel Sugar Refinery was corporatized and reorganized into the Skidel Sugar Refinery JSC.

In 1998, a complex for bulk storage of sugar was put into operation at the enterprise. It is possible to store 15 thousand tons of sugar here.

In 1999, the modernization of the vacuum condensate plant and the modernization of the lime kiln were carried out. Modernization of the clearing department and the defecosaturation scheme, filtration station was carried out, work was carried out to automate the evaporator station and condensate facilities.

In accordance with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus "On the program for the development of the processing industry of the agro-industrial complex for 2005-2010", the enterprise was tasked with increasing the processing capacity of sugar beet from 3 to 7 thousand tons per day, which would make it possible to produce at least 100-110 thousand tons of beet sugar.

In 2003, cartridge filters for juice of the 1st saturation Putsch KF-205 were installed, the defecosaturation station was reconstructed with its subsequent automation. Filtration station for first saturation juice suspension KF-1000 was automated.

Skidel Sugar Refinery was the first in the CIS to fully automate the processing of raw sugar. Today, this process is controlled by logical automation, which is able to ensure high quality of production.

From 2006 to 2020, Dmitry Vladimirovich Yegorov was the head of the Skidel Sugar Refinery.

At present the enterprise is headed by Vladimir Petrovich Belousov.

In 2007, the second diffusion apparatus DC-12 was put into operation, the thermal circuit was modernized with the addition of a second film apparatus of the evaporator station. Vertical crystallizer with a volume of 300 cubic meters was added.

To increase the production potential at the plant, by 2008 a workshop for drying and granulating bagasse was built, which made it possible to ensure its storage and organize its export deliveries. The product department was modernized.

In 2010, two drum stone traps were replaced inside one TSA 5200 with a capacity of 8,000 thousand tons, an additional GSA stone trap by Putsch company was installed, an evaporator with a heating surface area of ​​3,250 m3 was installed, which made it possible to reach a capacity of 7,250 tons of sugar beet per day.


The years 2011 and 2012 at the plant were marked by the construction of artesian wells, the installation of TF-120-60 "Techinservice" filters for syrup filtration, the automation of boilers at the CHP, the reconstruction of the defecosaturation station by increasing the working volumes of the existing apparatus, the modernization of the raw sugar transportation unit in the product department, reconstruction railway for beetroot, which made it possible to receive 50 wagons and more beets per day. The average productivity in 2013 was 7,545 tons of beets per day.

In 2011, the construction of a wastewater treatment plant began, the first start-up complex was put into operation in 2015, which made it possible to treat the plant's wastewater using an anaerobic method.

In 2015, a large-scale construction of a bulk storage warehouse for sugar with a capacity of 60,000 tons of sugar and a packaging factory equipped with high-tech industrial equipment was completed. At the same time, a diffusion apparatus of the German company ВМА with a capacity of 10,000 tons of beets per day was installed and put into operation.

Since 2016 no reconstruction was carried out at the plant, but every year measures are developed to prepare the plant for beet processing, the result of these measures is a stable productivity of 8200 tons of beet per day, improving working conditions, automating technological processes, improving the quality of products and replacing outdated equipment.

In 2016 the repair of the galleries of pulp removal was carried out. The modernization of the radial mud sump was carried out, which made it possible to achieve stable operation of the equipment without breakdowns and improved the quality of the conveyor and washing water.

In 2017 the modernization of the sugar drying department was carried out, namely, the automation of the distribution of sugar in the storage bins and the transportation of sugar for packaging and storage.

In 2018, the modernization of the vacuum-condensate unit of the product department was carried out, as well as a partial replacement of the pump park of the grocery and juice-cleaning department. A project was developed and implemented to provide the engineering and utility building with hot water supply during the repair period.

In 2019, a project was developed and implemented for a soda ash solution preparation unit, which improves the quality of products. Heat exchange equipment (heaters) in the product compartment were replaced. Modernization of the raw sugar vibrating conveyor in the product department was carried out. Additional Barimex filters were installed to improve water quality in front of centrifuges and increase productivity at the syrup purification station. Modernization of a cooling tower for circulating water supply for cooling turbine generators in a thermal power plant was done. There was an installation of a flow-through magnetic separator on the syrup standard pipeline, improving product quality.

In 2020, partial replacement of pumping equipment in the juice cleaning department was carried out. Serious overhaul of equipment at the de-saturation station (saturation boilers, second saturation sedimentation tanks) has been carried out. Railroad scales were installed. The supply path was repaired, the process pipelines with extreme wear-out were replaced. An automatic filling line for sugar in bags of 25-50 kg by the Austrian manufacturer "Statech-Binder" was purchased and installed.   

In 2021, the modernization and replacement of equipment at the area for drying and granulating beet pulp was carried out, which made it possible to increase the productivity of the pulp drying machine for the production of the pulp ≈6%. A reinforced gearbox was purchased and installed on the drive of a deep-pressing pulp press. An automatic filling line for 1 kg of the Italian company "Ital Pak" with a capacity of 100 tons per day was purchase. The refinery installed an automatic system for monitoring emissions into the atmosphere at the chimney of the Heat station. The refinery purchased a new pump for the compressor room of saturation gas. A new vacuum pump in the grocery department was bought. And also, a partial replacement of pumping units at the external structures and the juice-cleaning department was carried out.

At present, the processing capacity of sugar beets is 8,200 tons of beets per day, or 1,050,000 tons per season, and the production of sugar averages 1,150 tons per day.