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Dear ladies and gentlemen!

I am happy to welcome you at our official website and introduce our enterprise to you. A lot is changing today in the principles of our internal and external strategy of production. Nevertheless, there is something that remains unchanged: it is the principal rule to respect the Partner, the desire to satisfy their quality requirements and the responsible attitude to the fulfillment of contractual commitments.

I think that the acquaintance with our enterprise will allow you to open new possibilities and to establish contacts in many spheres.

To be the sugar factory number one in the Republic of Belarus imposes a high responsibility. We hope that our knowledge and experience in the sphere will create a solid ground for further cooperation with you.

About the enterprise

JSC «Skidel Sugar Factory» is one of the town-forming enterprises in Grodno region; it was 60 years old in 2011. The factory is part of the Belarusian State Food Industry Concern «Belgospishcheprom».

Our enterprise established the traditions of quality as it gave a start to sugar history of our country. The factory stood out during complicated periods of the development of our country’s economy, and now it embodies an effort of constant modernization and industrial improvement. As a result, not only the shareholders get the dividends, but the whole country in general.

At JSC «Skidel Sugar Factory» we are constantly carrying out the reconstruction of industrial premises and installation of newest equipment, and every new season it allows to increase the output of goods that are in great favour among the population and industries.

Undoubtedly, sugar will always be in good demand. Nevertheless, only an enterprise that can offer its customer an exquisite quality product, spend time and finances on packing improvement and is able to use unconventional marketing moves, will preserve its authority and become the leader. This is what JSC «Skidel Sugar Factory» is longing for, and the results of a few last years’ work show that our employees successfully reach the desired goals. We pay great attention to introduction and improvement of quality management systems that comply with the requirements of international and national standards. For example, today we have two certified systems: quality management system (STB 9001) and labour security management system (STB 9001). The successful performance of the sugar factory is favoured by the large number of partners, who conduct their business activities not only in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, but also abroad.

We value our image of a joint-stock company, care for the augmentation of professional traditions, fulfill social development programmes and take care of ecological safety.