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October 4 – the feast of the city Skidel "I Love you, proud of you my Skidel"

The program of the festival city Skidel was struck by its density and richness: exhibitions, presentations, meetings, games, competitions, concerts, award... But in fact the Central figure of the event the trade. It moves along the Central streets of human flows. Selling everything from ceramics, whistles, wicker baskets, paintings, women's jewelry to potatoes, cabbage and carrots. Everywhere from the speakers came the music, on the grounds singing and dancing Amateur groups.

On the Playground it's been a few original and exciting competitions. One of these sports starts have become "Sugar race." The party should have moved five bags of sugar (50 kg) at a distance of ten meters. The prize for 1st place - two bags of sugar from JSC "Skidel sugar factory".

For the first time in the history of the Grodno region hosted the championship in speed eating sausages for the prizes of the branch "Skidelsky poultry farm" JSC Agrokombinat "Skidelsky". In addition, youth-sports court presentation Skidelsky youth, the sport competitions and competitions (table tennis, Darts, checkers, chess, weight lifting, etc.).

The celebration ended with fireworks and a festive party in a disco in Skidelsky youth center "Skidel life energy".