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Day of workers of agriculture and processing industry

Day of workers of agriculture and processing industryNovember 14th.On the third Sunday of November in our country traditionally celebrates the Day of workers of agriculture and processing industry of the agroindustrial complex. This event allows you to take stock of our work, encourage the most distinguished employees.Thanks to the selfless labor, high level of organization and initiative of the workers, professionals and managers achieved some positive results.November 13 at the House of Culture held a festive event dedicated to this event. Wholeheartedly with the professional holiday of workers of "Skidelsky Sugar Plant" congratulated the Deputy Director General for Commercial Affairs Konjevic Dmitri Ivanovich. On this day we were also summarized and outlines the key ways of further development of the enterprise.In occasion of the chairman of concern "Belgospischeprom" labor chief power engineer Nikolai Alexandrovich Bakun was awarded certificates of honor, Deputy Director of Commercial Affairs Konjevic Dmitri Ivanovich is listed on the honor roll of the Belarusian State Food Industry Concern, the head of production laboratory Sant Svetlana Alexandrovna was gratitude. Also, all were encouraged to monetary rewards. Nineteen employees were awarded certificates of honor of the leadership, "Skidelsky Sugar Refinery." In addition, a number of employees of OJSC "Skidel Sugar Refinery", namely Mozolevskaya AK, Murtazin VV and Vasil'chik AS, Glybovets ON, SP Radyuk have received deserved awards from the Grodno regional executive committee.The ceremony was attended by Chairman of the award Skidelsky city executive committee and the management of OJSC "Skidel Sugar Refinery".