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Sugar facts

  • One type of sugar – glycolic aldehyde was found in clusters of interstellar dust for billions of kilometers from our planet. In its reaction with other types of sugar ribose is formed – the basis of DNA and RNA, and substances that exist in any living organism. From this we can make two assumptions. The first life on Earth may have begun with the interaction of the components of such a dust cloud, and second – perhaps life not only on Earth.
  • Eating excessive amounts of sugar can lead to wrinkles due to the fact that sugar is deposited in reserve in the collagen of the skin making it less elastic. The good news is that if you reduce sugar consumption, this process is reversed.
  • The most powerful sugar substitute — Lugdunum (lugduname), he almost 300000 times sweeter than sugar. This means that in order to sweeten, for example, a Cup of tea instead of two teaspoons of regular sugar (about 10 g) a single crystal of this miraculous substance (30 millionths of a gram). And kg package Lugdunum can "sweeten" the whole Olympic pool with 10 lanes.
  • In India 2000 years ago did crystal sugar from cane. When Alexander the great reached the Indian territory, he was surprised at the process of getting honey without bees (i.e., artificial honey made from sugar).
  • In 1747 the German chemist Andreas Marggraf discovered that the sugar in sugar beets is identical to sugar cane. This discovery opened the way for the sugar production in the Northern regions – the first sugar plant, receiving sugar from beets earned in 1802.
  • You can in one sitting to eat 16 sugar cubes? You know what's in 500 ml of Coca-Cola contains the equivalent of 16 sugar cubes, and eating all this sugar gets dissolved form in your stomach.
  • Drinks with synthetic sweeteners (not natural sugar) can lead to obesity, since the lack of sugar in them “tricking” your body, causing it to absorb a greater amount of drinks.
  • Artificial sweeteners – aspartame (E) and saccharin were obtained by chance. First in the process of oxidation of 2-toluensulfonate, and the second during the experiments to obtain medications from ulcers. Scientist James Slater accidentally dipped his finger in the resulting material, and licking it, found that it is not sweet.
  • If you mix the glucose, corn syrup and nitrate, you get one type of rocket fuel that is used by fans of model rocketry.
  • Sugar is fuel in the truest sense of the word - for many organisms on Earth to convert into energy easier just some kind of sugar. Already established organic fuel cells, which are tipped to replace traditional batteries in laptops, mobile, etc, and they use the sugar solution. If you wish, you can fill a cellphone Coca-Cola in any shop :)
  • In the U.S. produced an interesting drug in tablets called Obecalp. The main component is sugar, and prescribe these pills to children with minor health complaints. What is the peculiarity of this drug? Read the title of Vice versa.
  • Glucosamin (again one of the types of sugar) works as immunosuppressant in experiments on mice, and xylitol (a sugar alcohol) can prevent infection in children.