Interesting to Know

  • Citric acid

    Opened in 1784, citric acid is a white crystalline powder, odorless, soluble in water.

  • Sugar facts

    One type of sugar – glycolic aldehyde was found in clusters of interstellar dust for billions of kilometers from our planet. 

  • Sugar

    Sugar — household name sucrose (C12H22O11). Cane and beet sugar is an important food product. 

  • Sugar cane

    Stalks of sugar cane, plants, wild species growing in India, was the initial raw material for the extraction of sugar; in Europe cane sugar became known BC as a medicine. 

  • Sugar beet

    In 1747 Andreas Margrave published in the memoirs of the Berlin Academy of science my observations on the possibility to extract the sugar from the roots of zvekovici (beta alba) and even pointed the way to work, which essentially preserved until the present time.