Current status of JSC "Skidel sugar factory" — the result of a close-knit team of professionals. Our employees are the main asset and pride of the enterprise.

A lot of effort and inspiration invested worked here at different times by people in the formation of the current level of the enterprise. Great contribution to the development of our company has made many distinguished workers who were awarded state awards. And today at the plant continue to work with specialists who have devoted the greater part of his life to his native enterprise. They are all different, but United by their dedication and professionalism. Today, along with an experienced staff of JSC "Skidel sugar factory" work well as young talented people, excellent knowledge of modern technology and as well as the older generation, giving himself to the beloved.

The company's specialists constantly improve their professional level, participating in seminars, training programs and study tours in Belarus and abroad. Long experience of teamwork and comprehensive study of new aspects in the industry allows us to produce high quality products.

Corporate events — separate bright page in the annals of the collective. The songs, scripts, congratulations, composed by employees, collective congratulations on your birthday and professional holidays from different departments, organized recreation in the restaurant "Tradition" of a sugar mill ... And it is also one of the great traditions of the team and shows the solidarity of people United by common interests.

Due to high professionalism, as well as the concerted efforts of the whole team in General, JSC "Skidel sugar factory" is one of the leading sugar producers and the only manufacturer of citric acid in Belarus. Achieve many of the staff repeatedly noted the leadership of the plant, authorities of local and state significance, as well as at exhibitions and events.

In our group today employs more than 900 people who conscientiously perform their duties.

Successful implementation of the tasks depends on the leadership and teamwork of the various services, departments and staff in General.

Today the staff of a sugar mill consists of professionals who are interested in strengthening and expanding contacts in domestic and foreign market. Large areas of plant services include miscellaneous conditions of the transaction, which include the quality and quantity of products, discounts on products, conditions and terms of its delivery. All these responsibilities, the team performs on a mandatory basis and on time.